Outhouse Needs Good Toilet Paper

By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall


I had to pick my husband’s brain in order to get some ideas on how to construct my ad since it is suppose to appeal to men. Being outdoors is something most men have in common. In order to appeal my ad to men I used a picture of nature that shows its beauty yet also gives an idea that it can be unforgiving, especially when it comes to nature calls. The outhouse is something that all men can relate with as I’m sure all men have used at least one in their lives. My target audience was for men who view magazines and social media. My specifications were a magazine half-page ad and a Facebook ad.

Overall Design

I found a nice picture of the woods which shows the beauty of nature, and added the outhouse to the scenery. The rocks and stream below, as well as the outhouse, show that while nature is beautiful it can be very rough to dwell in. I used a picture of tree bark toilet paper which I thought would be a nice touch to contrast with the softness of the Charmin toilet paper. I made the overall design look rough to fit the purpose of the ad, which was to draw in viewers to buy Charmin and partake in the added benefit of taking the toilet paper with them when they are in nature. That way they don’t have to wipe with tree bark or leaves, but the soft comfort of Charmin. Anywhere you see Charmin or the referencing headline there is a soft element to it.

Color Scheme

The color scheme in my ad is made up of the kind of colors you would see when you are outdoors, hunting or camping. This helps to remind the viewers of what it’s like to be outdoors and partake of the nature around them. I chose green, brown, orange, gray, blue, and white colors. Most of this was for the nature theme but the white and blue was mostly for the Charmin toilet paper logo and to portray softness. The harshness look of the outhouse plays perfectly into showing viewers that as rough as it is outdoors you can still have comfort in the most sensitive plumbing matters.


I used Showcard Gothic for the large heading at the top of the ad and made it an orange-brown color to make it look rough. In contrast, I used Eras Demi ITC for the body copy at the bottom to make for easier reading. I also added the surrounding white shadow to make it stand out and show softness in contrast. The heading font was done to attract the attention of the reader. It has a very rough-looking color to it and the font was enlarged for easy reading. After reading the heading, you can see the outhouse and get the feeling of what it’s like being outdoors and having to go to the bathroom. Then you see the bottom text which has a soft, comforting feeling to it. The whiteness surrounding the text was done to create a delicate and smooth feeling. This comforts readers when they realize that Charmin cares about the bathroom habits that go on inside all the outhouses of the world.


My ad design did well in attracting male readers. The woods and outhouse will immediately call attention because outhouses are naturally humorous and eye-catching. The design of the text at the bottom of the ad communicates a final feeling of comfort and satisfaction. This will cause viewers to associate this good feeling each time they hear or see Charmin. This will lead them to purchase Charmin toilet paper, which is the overall purpose of my ad.


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