Calling All Beach Bums

By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall
By Ana Kendall


I absolutely love the beach. My husband loves the Hollister brand and he just looks so relaxed when he wears clothes from this store. He absolutely loves the beach theme and so do I. The beach and all things related to it remind people of the freedom they get from their stressful lives. It is relaxing and soothing. My aim is to target an audience who want a vacation from life and enjoy the relaxing vibe of the beach. They can be free from their worries and be inspired to be what they want, without sacrificing comfort.


I used a beach vintage type of feel to my whole project. I want to remind people of happy times, much like what is experienced while looking at an old photograph. These are fond memories that are experienced over and over when they are triggered through visual images. That was my goal with the vintage-looking ads. The sunlight played a big part in the overall composition of each ad. The nice glare that comes through depicts a carefree lifestyle. These elements work together to give my overall design the feel of a vintage beach getaway.


My overall color scheme is made up of oceanic blues and vintage type of hues such as light brown and sand. The blue background in my slides are to promote the feeling of being in the ocean. Blue also reminds me of a surfboard and the seashore. The white color in the ads and some of my text provided nice contrast to the blue used in the background of my slides. The white, bright sunlight and the brown, sandy hues contrast the ad nicely. It reminds the viewer of what a reflection with oneself would look like while basking in the warmth of the natural beauty that is the sun.


I used a Kozuka Gothic Pr6N font in my ad to contrast with the slab serif logo of Hollister. In my new ad I scattered the letters of the text a bit and made them different sizes to match the first ad. I changed the placement of each letters to be a bit higher or lower than the others. This unique attribute gave the words a carefree characteristic, as it was literally outside of the normal horizontal text form. My goal was for the flow of the text in my new ad to look easy-going and happy-go-lucky. I used the Ravie font on the template for all my slides throughout because it looked pretty beach-esque. This font is a slab serif to contrast with the first one, a sans serif. For the transition slides I used both contrasting fonts in different colors to balance each other out.


Overall, the vintage and beachy feel of my ad was effectively communicated. The color scheme/old photograph look of my ad will pull in prospects. They will be taken on a walk down memory lane and be reminded of care-free moments they have had at the beach. This brings a feeling of comfort and desire to feel that way again. The viewers will be drawn in by the stress-free atmosphere my ad promotes. They will feel free of worry and be inspired to do what they want, without being weighed down by life or judged. The promise of setting yourself free will persuade people to come back time and time again.

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